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Vol. 48 No. 8 & 9 (Special Issue) THE JOURNAL OF INDIA’S RESURGENCE August & September 2017
"It is not true that physical work is
of an inferior value to mental culture;
it is the arrogance of the intellect
that makes the claim."
- Sri Aurobindo
The Ideal of the Karmayogin Sri Aurobindo, The Mother 2
Guest Editorial
True Work
Swami Om Poorna Swatantra 5
Work Culture Shyam Sunder 6
The Train Story – a Journey, an Experience,
and a Feeling
The Internet 7
The Highest Ideal of Karma-Yoga Swami Vivekananda 8
The Religion of Work Maria Netto 9
Wandering in The Archives of Memory
Scouring Turmeric on the Stone
Prema Nandakumar 10
Working for Food that Lasts Murtaza Lohan 15
Sri Aurobindo’s Versatility in Poetry Lopa Mukherjee 16
Self-Determination - IV Sri Aurobindo 20
The Poetry of Sri Aurobindo:
A Brief Critical Study
Goutam Ghosal 22
Work, an Integrated Way of Life Harsha Dalal 24
India’s Mission Sri Aurobindo 25
Rhythm of the Upanishads:
Sri Aurobindo’s Upanishad IV
Sushrut Badhe 26
Krishna’s Butter Sushrut Badhe 28
A Farmer Called Narayana Reddy Chandan Gowda 29
The Fifteenth of August 1947 Sri Aurobindo 30
Appreciation of Hard Work The Internet 31
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