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Vol. 54 No. 08 & 09 THE JOURNAL OF INDIA’S RESURGENCE August & September 2023
Sri Aurobindo - The Perfect Gentleman
Editor's Desk
Gentleness, the Way
Manju Bonke 3
Life, a Gift. a Gentle Wave. Maria Netto 4
Sri Aurobindo - The Perfect Gentleman Nirodbaran 5
Gentleness and the Virtue of Inner Life Sachidananda Mohanty 10
Virtue of Gentleness Bala Sundari 11
A Story about Gentleness Paloma Torres 13
Gentleness, a Virtue of Love Harsha Dalal 14
India Great and Free Compiled and edited by Shyam Sunder 16
The Indispensable Virtue for a Spiritual Life
Sunaina Mandeen 19
What is Patience? The Mother 21
Ardour and Patience Sunaina Mandeen 22
The Mother Answers The Mother 23
Sri Aurobindo Answers Sri Aurobindo 24
My Little Magpie Robin Gayatri Majumdar 26
On Parijat and Patience Beloo Mehra 27
Patience and Perseverance The Mother 30

Curated by: Manju Bonke & Sunaina Mandeen
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